Wonder Novel by R. J. Palacio


Here i am talking about one book that is very very useful to your children that gives some strengths to face tough challenges and also provide positive messages and I am sure about it. The book is Wonder novel by R. J. Palacio. All Parents and children must to know and read wonder book to help their children to live a happy life.

It is a story about 10 year old boy, August Pullman. His face is deformed due to “mandibulofacial dysostosis” or “Treacher-Collins syndrome”, along with other facial malformations. Who likes Xbox and Star Wars, ordinary except for his jarring facial anomalies. Home-schooled all his life, He faces many difficulties when he enrolls in his first year of middle school after being home schooled for many years. In the end, he is able to make new friends and accept himself for who he is. August’s inner interactions and dialogues with students and family ring true, and though remarkably courageous he comes across as a sweet, funny boy who wants the same things others want: understanding, friendship, and the freedom to be himself.


“Wonder” was on The New York Times Best Seller list and was also on the Texas Bluebonnet Award master list.

The book was the winner of the:

  • 2014 Maine Student Book Award,
  • Vermont’s Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children’s Book Award,
  • the 2015 Mark Twain Award and
  • Hawaii’s 2015 Nene Award.

Here is link from that you can purchase or read this great wonder rj palacio book:

“Wonder Novel by R. J. Palacio”

Wonder novel by r j palacio
There are many many good things about the book wonder and here it is not possible to describe all things so please purchase and read at least one’s only for your children bright and happy future and also your children must read because it deliver best positive thoughts and it may become role model for your children.

Parent’s Wonder Book Reviews

You can also purchase from here:

“Wonder Novel by R. J. Palacio”


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