Top 10 Parenting Tips must to know for all Parents


“Child like a Plant”

Effective Parenting involves many things. There is no rule for Good Parenting  because it may different for each children. Different children need different type of attention, expression, toughness. Suppose, i stand in garden where one big tree is standing and i ask how much water need for that big tree?, At least 50 liters. But you went to home and give 50 liters to your small plant then what happen? it will die.So same in Effective Parenting you must know what kind of plant in your house and what their need.

After some research i found that Top 10 Parenting Tips to improve your good parenting skills:

1. Spend Time with Your Child 6. Give them Love
2. Be a Good Role Model 7. Maintain a Friendly Relationship
3. Never Compare Siblings 8. Become Yourself Attractive
4. Avoid Negative Emotional Reactions 9. Create a Positive Learning Environment
5. Pay Attention to them 10. Don’t give up, never!

1. Spend Time with Your Child

It is difficult for all parents to find some time from their busy life, but it is necessary because it’s all about your child’s happy life. Spend at least 10 mins during breakfast, spend 10 mins or more at night to discuss about whole day activity of your child. it is must for all parents to give some time to their children by this both parent and children interaction is improved and you all know about what is happening in your children life and mind.

2. Be a Good Role Model

All child learn many things from their parents. They learn same behavior as you act in front of them. So keep in mind act normally in front of your children. Don’t be angry they learn from you and same thing do in front of you. Studies have shown that children who hit usually have a role model for aggression at home.

3. Never Compare Siblings

Never compare sibling because as i say each child is different so they need different care. If you compare your child then it will raise big problem for your family. Give equally attention to all your child.

4. Avoid Negative Emotional Reactions

Must avoid negative emotional reaction such as anger, sarcasm, and ridicule. As i say in 2nd tip make good behavior in front of your child. In any situation don’t do above things because it gives bad impact on your child’s mind and they disappoint and loss. So give proper suggestion rather than do such bad things as mention to avoid.

5. Pay Attention to them

As mention earlier give some time and attention in your children activities. When your child want to saw something then put your work at side and give attention on your child and what they want to saw. It is more important to do things together what your child love to do.

6. Give them Love

This is most important in positive parenting, give more love to your child in whole day by hugs, cuddles and holding hands. Give then physical affection. If you give love to them then you can get back from them.

7. Maintain a Friendly Relationship

As your child at young stage then this is very important because you can know about what is progress in their life, what are problems they face etc. All this things you know by becoming friend of him. One friend talk all bad or good things to other friend. By this both know more about each other and as parent you can solve their problems and make your child’s life easy.

8. Become Yourself Attractive

A child is attracted by many things around them like TV, teachers, friends, school, neighbors, etc. If you become attractive then your child does not go any where for that. If you are more intelligent, cool and wonderful person then your child learn from you and easily ask any thing to you. But first you need to be attractive.

9. Create a Positive Learning Environment

Each child need supportive environment in order to develop their skills. As a parent you can help create a positive learning environment by paying attention to your children. When your child comes to you with a question prompt them to talk about it and find the answer, instead of just telling them the answer. This is called incidental teaching.

10. Don’t give up, never!

One last thing don’t give up in doing best parenting, learn from many sources to solve your parent’s child’s problems. You have many options to solve your children and give best environment to your children to grow. I have already posted How to talk to kids and how to be the best parent that is helping so much.

This all about top 10 parenting tips or parenting advice, hope that will help you in become best parent.


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