Top 10 Best Baby Shower Gifts


“A Brand New Baby is on the Way So Let’s Celebrate With

A Special Day!”

Baby is on the way, so It’s time to celebrate! Gather all your relatives and your colleague, cut the cake and hold on your eyes on these top 10 best baby shower gifts and ideas for new moms and baby.

Selecting the best from various baby shower gift ideas are depends on your budget and the closeness with the new mom. But remember your gift must be best use by mom and baby in the first year after the baby is born.

The most common baby shower presents:

  1. Baby clothes like socks, tops, bath blanket, mittens.
  2. Diaper like rash creams and cloth.
  3. Food stuff like flavoured pacifiers, burp clothes.
  4. Cleaning stuff like wet wipes.
  5. Grooming items like nail clippers.
  6. Medicine cabinet (thermometers).
  7. Play stuff like baby mat, rattles, colorful soft toys.(Read More : Toys for Kids)

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Top 10 Best Baby Shower Gifts :

1. Modern Diaper Bag

Best Diaper Bag - Best Baby Shower Gifts

Today there is lots of types diaper bag available in market we need to choose best from it. You can select bag that help to organize the all necessary items in day to day child care. You can choose:

  • A bag with multiple compartments, to keep her essentials organized and easy to pick.
  • A bag with a strong zip, a solid closure, so that nothing falls down when the mom bends over or if the bag drops down

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2. Baby Booties

Best Baby Booties - Best Baby Shower Gifts

They are designed to support growing feet and protect them when they take those first and unsure steps. It becomes the original the ideal pick for the 0 to 24 month set. This is also a best baby shower gift. It provides:

  • Comfort to baby sweet lags
  • Protection to baby cute lags
  • Foot Development of baby lags
  • Walking Support

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3. Baby Carrier

Baby_Carrier - Best Baby Shower Gifts

This time new mom is very week so for her this gift is best. She can easily go outside with her kid. This is very useful one. But, remember to check following points:

  • Check all the straps are easily adjustable.
  • Fabric should be durable, soft and easy to wash.
  • Should not be too heavy.

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4. Safe Riding Gift

Baby Riding Seat - Best Baby Shower Gifts

This gift will also good if your budget is more. This is very useful gift and it’s value is more than other gifts not just in money but also it secure your kids from accident. The car seats for children fit rear-facing newborns up to 40 pounds to 65 pounds. The five point harness makes your baby safe and it is widely tested to resist an accident. This is also best baby shower gift that give security to baby.

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5. Baby Bouncy Seat

Baby Bouncy Seat - Best Baby Shower Gifts

This is another best choice for baby shower gift. Baby Bouncy Seat has sweet music and blinking lights to busy spinners and a couple of funny jungle friends (like monkey and a toucan). Baby bouncers are padded seats that are low to the ground and have a safety strap to secure your baby. Comes with an ergonomic design and support and protect the spine, head and neck of baby. These bouncers help strengthen, stretch and build a baby’s legs in preparation for crawling and walking.

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6. Portable Play Mat

baby_play_mat - Best Baby Shower Gifts

Play mats useful to protect your baby from the cold and hard floor. It’s not good for joints of your baby to consistently impacted by the hard surface when they are playing on the floor. It’s the most important purchase all parents should do, So it is another best one to gift on baby shower. It also provide below benefits:

  • Visual Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Gross Motor Development
  • Portability

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7. Feeding Pillow

Best Feeding Pillow - Best Baby Shower Gifts

A feeding pillow is multi-tasker, which not only help to save the mother’s arm while breast feeding/bottle feeding, but also help to everyone, the grandmother, the father and the rest to hold baby. Once the baby grows, it can be used as support to hold her up to get a view of what’s happening nearby. While selecting, please below points keep in mind:

  • It should have belt which secures your body
  • It Should be washable
  • Soft and comfortable
  • It has no straps, zippers

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8. Sleep Sack Swaddle

Bets Sleep Sack Swaddle - Best Baby Shower Gifts

This is another gift for baby shower that is used every day. It use very first when they brought the baby to home from the hospital. The two in one sleep sack swaddle hugs the baby to prevent the reflex and allows the baby to stay calm and cozy and sleep more soundly. Swaddling helps the new mom to get extra sleep, as infants swaddled tend to sleep to longer period. There is no better gift to the new mom than the gift of sleep! It has following benefits:

  • Swaddling prevent face-scratching.
  • Baby has more freedom of movement.
  • Sleep sacks are easy to put on without waking baby.
  • Convenient.

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9. Books

Books are also best gift to new mom on baby shower. You can explore most useful parenting books here:

10. A Baby Bath Tub With Fun

Best Baby Bath Tub - Best Baby Shower Gifts

You can also choose baby bath tub as gift on baby shower. Baby bath tub is everyday required items for all moms to clean their kids. There are many different types of baby bath tubs available in market:

  • Standard Plastic Baby Bath Tub
  • Hammock Baby Bath Tub
  • Convertible Baby bath tub
  • Cushion Bath Tub
  • Inflatable Baby Bath Tub
  • Fold Up Baby Bath Tub
  • Luxury Baby Bath Tub
  • Bucket Bath Tub

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So this is list of Top 10 Best Baby Shower Gifts ideas! If in future you want or plan to buy a gift for a baby shower, just remember above pointers while choosing the gift, hope your selected gift is loved by new mom and baby.

If you enjoy this guide Top 10 Best Baby Shower Gifts then please share and comment below your experience and new ideas. 🙂

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