Best and Healthy First Food for Baby


Hello All Parents, are you worrying about your baby foods?, which food is best for your baby?, what is best first food for baby?. Here is solutions and answers for all your question related to baby first food.

Because of their small tummies, baby do not eat much more. So it is important to make sure that foods they eat include lots of nutrients. A few best choices for first foods for babies after many research, are tasty and creamy avocados, sweet potatoes and bananas. These all are nutritious and healthy foods make really best first foods for your baby because they are easy to digest and full of vitamins, minerals, fats and other nutrients a for your growing baby’s needs.

Listed all power foods are appropriate for babies between 4 months and 6 month baby food or older. Just remember and know that any kind of solid food should not be introduced before 4 months of baby age.

 “First Food for Baby”

1. Avocado
2. Bananas
3. Sweet Potato
4. Baby cereal
5. Butternut Squash

1. Avocado

banana avocado first food for baby

A best first food for baby, Avocado contains more nutrients and highest protein of any fruit and that is a needs of growing baby. Tasty and creamy, avocados are easily digested by most of all babies. Make sure that you serve only baby ripe avocados. First wash outside and then remove the mash well and peel. Avocado high in fat so it can quickly make your baby feel full, so serve a little with other foods like chicken purees or meat. You can know more about avocado here.

Vitamins – A, C, Folate, Niacin
Minerals – Phosphorus, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron

2. Bananas

banana first food for babyBananas are another best first food for baby. They are full of carbohydrates, that provide sustained energy and also fiber to support a healthy digestive tract. After research bananas and their mucosal properties actually help in digestion and help coat the tummy. You can know more about bananas here.

Vitamins: A, C, Folate
Minerals:  Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium, Selenium

3. Sweet Potato

sweet potato first food for babySweet Potato is popularity and excellent first food from 6 months of baby age. It is easy to digest for baby and rich in nutrients. Most of all babies choose sweet potatoes than other vegetables because of their sweet taste. When mashed and cooked, they are make a smooth puree that is easy to eat for baby. You can know more about sweet potato here.

Vitamins – A , C, Folate
Minerals – Sodium, Calcium, Phosphorous, Selenium, Potassium, Magnesium

4. Baby cereal

rice cereal first food for babyIt provides more iron to your baby. Breast milk does not contain good amounts of iron, making full of iron foods is important. One suggestion i want to give here please prefer avocado and bananas and sweet potato make great first foods for baby first rather than cereal. If you decide to make homemade baby cereal, make it with brown rice (organic). You can know more about cereal here.

5. Butternut Squash

butternut squash first food for babyIt is easy to digested and good source of betacarotene and vitamins A, and C. Butternut and acorn squash are wonderful baby’s first foods. It’s easily make at home if buy the precut squash, prepeeled sold in the produce section. Only boil or steam until tender and then puree until smooth. You can know more about butternut squash here.

Vitamins – A, C, Folate
Minerals – Calories, Protein, Calcium, Potassium, Carbohydrate

Please always consult with your pediatrician regarding choosing new solid foods for your baby and specifically discuss any foods that may risks for your baby.

We come with baby food recipes for each food describe above soon…


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